Pet Sitting

Minimise the stress of going away by having someone stay in your home. Your pets stay in their home environment, reducing anxiety.


£30 for 1 dog per day; extra £5 per dog per day

£15 for 1 cat per day; extra £2.50 per cat per day

(any small animals in addition to dogs/cats will be priced £2 per cage, £4 per hutch, both per day)

Will home sit for small animals/exotics for £15 per day but if require cleaning then will get a discounted price.

Please contact for a personalised quote.

Dog Walking

Healthy dogs crave and need routine: continuity of care, environment, exercise and diet. There are times, however, when it is impossible to give a dog the walks and attention it needs. That is where I can come in, walking your dog/s one to one, ensuring they get exercise and stimulation as part of that daily routine.


£10 for 30 minute walk, £12.50 for 45 minute walk and £15 for 1 hour

Please contact for a personalised quote.

Pop-in Service

Pop-in to feed, let out, sit with. Visits for 15mins, 30 mins, 45 mins upto 1 hour.


15 mins £5; 30 mins £8.50; 45 mins £10; 1 hour £12

Please contact for a personalised quote.


Providing a full disinfectant clean using ANIGENE HLD4V, dry and changing of the bedding (I don't provide the bedding.)


Cage £5 (small)/£7 (big); hutch £10; vivarium £10 (small)/£12.50 (medium)/£15 (large); litter tray £5

Please contact for a personalised quote.

*Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Years Day charged double



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